The Tan Girlz
Tanning, Training, and Distribution 

Armida Morgan

Maggie Pacheco

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The Girlz Tanning Services:

  • Single Custom Tan = $50
  • Bring-A-Friend (2 tans) = $45 each
  • Three's-A-Crowd (3 or more tans) = $40 each
  • 3-Tan Punch Pass = $125
  • 5-Tan Punch Pass = $200
  • Students (17yrs old or younger) = $25

The Girlz Favorite Potions! 

  • FOREVER TAN - Tan Extender Lotion with DHA = $20
  • A fabulous lotion that helps extend the life of your tan.  
  • Includes a touch of DHA for filling in color - gorgeous!

  • SOFT TAN - Daily Moisturizing Lotion (no DHA) = $20
  • A daily moisturizer to help protect your tan and nourish 
  • your skin.  No color, just pure hydration!

  • QUICK TAN - Quick & Gorgeous Touch-Up Spray = $30
  • A shot of color for quick touch-ups!  Perfect for the face, 
  • shoulders or legs when you need quick color - so sexy!

The Girlz Night In! 

Need some beautiful color for your upcoming vacation or special event?  
Need to fix that golfer's tan or runner's tan?

Need to prepare for that upcoming wedding?
Having a professional photo taken?
Or ready to rock that amazing dress and show off your beautiful legs?

Gather your friends & family for a tanning get-together!  Best of all, your tan is FREE with just 5 tanning guests!